After Tennessee became a state, dramatic population growth followed.

The coming of the steamboat contributed to Nashville’s development as a regional trading center. The invention of the cotton gin and removal of the Chickasaw—a result of the outcome of the War of 1812—created high demand for available land in West Tennessee. The War of 1812 and the Creek War also placed Tennesseans on the national political stage with the rise of Andrew Jackson.

Dr. Carole Bucy is professor of history at Volunteer State Community College and holds degrees in history from Baylor University, George Peabody College, and Vanderbilt University. She is the Davidson County Historian, an honorary position. As a longtime advocate for local and state history, she regularly conducts educator workshops on the incorporation of Tennessee history into existing US history courses and is a frequent speaker across the state on a variety of historical subjects. She is the author of the textbook used in 4th and 5th Social Studies classes in several school districts across the state and she is currently working on a Tennessee history textbook for college students. She is a much sought-after speaker across the state on subjects related to Tennessee history and women’s history.


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