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October 2020 Webinars

Tennessee History Day

Teaching with Primary Sources-MTSU

These webinars are a joint presentation of the Tennessee Historical Society and Teaching with Primary Sources–MTSU, which is administered by the Center for Historic Preservation. Participants are introduced to Tennessee History Day, a year-long, project-based curriculum that engages students in grades 6–12 in the process of discovery and interpretation of historical topics. Participants also are exposed to the Library of Congress’ Teaching with Primary Sources program, which helps teachers use the rich reservoir of digitized primary source materials to design challenging, high-quality instruction. Workshop participants will focus on skill building for project-based learning and working in a virtual environment. The webinars begin at 10:00 am CDT/11:00 am EDT and last one hour.

This webinar series has concluded. Recordings can be located at the MTSU-TPS YouTube channel or embedded on this page. The resources (slides, handouts, links, etc.) have been collected on Padlet.

Educators who participate in all six webinars at the times of broadcast will receive a $50 stipend.

Registration is closed.

After completing the registration form, please check your email for confirmation and a link and password to the Zoom sessions.

TUES., JULY 7, 2020
Finding Primary Sources
Kira Duke, Educational Specialist for Teaching with Primary Sources-MTSU

Join Kira Duke and the TPS-MTSU team as they guide you through the Library of Congress’ digital collections. They will also present educational resources created by TPS-MTSU. This session will include a look at world history topics.

This webinar has concluded. A link to the recorded session is below.

WED., JULY 8, 2020
Virtual Strategies for National History Day
Dr. Scott Johnson, Maury County Schools, and Jennifer C. Core, THD State Coordinator

In March 2020, like all TN educators, Dr. Johnson moved to an online classroom. He was well-positioned to do so, after spending 20 years of developing social studies content for the virtual environment. He will share his strategies for online learning, which can be implemented in virtual, hybrid, or traditional classrooms. Jennifer will present new virtual submission entry guidelines for the THD competition, which will be in effect for the 2020–21 academic year.

This webinar has concluded. A link to the recorded session is below.

TUES., JULY 14, 2020
Analysis of Primary Sources and Close Reading Skills
Dr. Stacey Graham, Research Professor, Center for Historic Preservation, MTSU

Dr. Graham and the TPS-MTSU team will explore different strategies for primary source analysis. They will also present ways to teach your students close reading skills including new videos and activities created by the TPS-MTSU staff.

This webinar has concluded. A link to the recorded session is below.

WED., JULY 15, 2020
2021 National History Day Theme, New Rule Book, and New Rubrics
Jennifer C. Core, THD State Coordinator, and Hannah Zechman, THD Assistant State Coordinator

The 2020–21 NHD Theme is Communication in History: The Key to Understanding. Jennifer Core and Hannah Zechman will direct you toward resources for building projects with a strong connection to the theme. This session will also include information about changes to the program for the 2020–21 academic year, including a new rule book, new rubrics, virtual submission guidelines, and deadlines.

This webinar has concluded. A link to the recorded session is below.

TUES., JULY 21, 2020
Historical Context
Layla Smallwood, Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Historic Preservation, MTSU

Historical context allows us to place a topic or primary source as it relates to the larger picture. This is often an area that students struggle with in developing their History Day projects. In this session, Layla Smallwood and the TPS-MTSU team will discuss approaches and resources for helping your students better understand historical context.

This webinar has concluded. A link to the recorded session is below.

WED., July 22, 2020
NHD as an Extracurricular Activity and as a Classroom Project
Rebecca Byrd, Sevier County Schools, and Becky Verner, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Educator Becky Verner and librarian Reeta Parks teach NHD as a classroom project. They will share their pacing guide and ideas for working with groups. Rebecca Byrd coordinates NHD with both middle and high school students as an extracurricular activity. She will share some of her tips for keeping students motivated throughout the contest season.

This webinar has concluded. A link to the recorded session is below.