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The Tennessee Historical Society has published a journal since 1896, and the Tennessee Historical Quarterly title began in 1942. 2020 marks the THQ’s 79th year of publication. The Tennessee Historical Quarterly is published with support from the Tennessee Historical Commission.

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Fall 2020 Issue

Featuring Fort Donelson, Football Fields at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville & more

“The Decisive Moment: Ulysses S. Grant at Fort Donelson” by James Lee McDonough

“Life before Neyland: The Early Development of Football Fields at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville” by Chad S. Seifried, Benjamin Downs, Jeffrey Graham, and Adam Love

“‘Child Passenger Protection Act of 1977: How Tennessee ‘Immunized’ the Automobile Epidemic” by Dakota Elliott

“In Memoriam Dr. Reavis L. Mitchell, Jr. July 12, 1947—June 16, 2020” by Linda T. Wynn

Book Reviews

Summer 2020 Issue

Featuring the History of Woman Suffrage Movement in Tennessee, Anti-Suffrage Crusades, & more

“The History of Tennessee’s Epic Vote on Woman Suffrage: Preserving the Story” by Dr. Carole Stanford Bucy, Guest Editor

“Contesting the Ballot: Woman Suffrage Debates in Lexington, Tennessee” By Miranda Fraley Rhodes

“Truth Crushed to the Earth Will Rise Again:” Josephine Pearson and the Anti-Suffrage Crusade in Tennessee” By Abby Crenshaw

“Banks Turner: The Forgotten Hero Who Saved Woman Suffrage” By Don Enss

Spring 2020 Issue

Tennessee Historical Quarterly Spring 2020 Issue

Featuring the History of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Tennessee & more

“A Short History of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Tennessee” by A. Elizabeth Taylor

“Sue Shelton White and the Woman Suffrage Movement in Tennessee, 1913–20” by James P. Louis

“‘Powers that Pray’ and ‘Powers that Prey’: Tennessee and the Fight for Woman Suffrage” by Anastatia Sim

Book Reviews

Winter 2019 Issue

Featuring Andrew Johnson, Female Leadership, Student Activism and the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968, & more

“Andrew Johnson, White Labor’s President” by Timothy Messer-Kruse

“New Century, New Womanhood: Lady Managers, Female Leadership, and the Power of Representation” by Elizabeth Gonzalez

“United by a Cause: Student Activists and the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968” by Jack Lorenzini

Book Reviews

Fall 2019 Issue

Featuring the Career of Calvin Brixey, Alfred Waud’s Images, the John Gaston Hospital Controversy, & more

“‘They broak to run & was shot’: The Short, Turbulent Career of Calvin Brixey, First Alabama & Tennessee Independent Vidette Cavalry (U.S.A.) by Merritt R. Blakeslee

“Alfred Waud Images of Freed People in Reconstruction Era Memphis, 1866” by Earnestine Jenkins

“A Matter of Black and White: Edmund Orgill, J. E. Walker, and the John Gaston Hospital Controversy in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1956” by Elizabeth Gritter

Book Reviews

Summer 2019 Issue

Featuring Environment and Hood’s Debacle in 1864, Race and Historical Memory in Memphis, Gilbert Patterson and the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike, & more

“Environment as a Contributor to Hood’s Debacle at Spring Hill, November 29, 1864” by Phillip Kemmerly

“‘A Very Worthy Negro’: Race, Monuments, and Historical Memory in Memphis” by Jason Jordan

“‘Others Unidentified’: Uncovering Gilbert Earl Patterson’s Contributions to the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike, 1968” by Jonathan Chism

Book Reviews

Special Issues for Sale

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20th Century Tennessee Artists, Vol. 61, No. 1, Spring 2002 (Color edition, $15)

Antebellum Tennessee Furniture, Vol. 62, No. 1, Spring 2003 (Color edition, $15)

Tennessee Silver, Vol. 74, No. 1, Spring 2015 (Color edition, $10)

Adelicia Acklen and Belmont Mansion, Vol 76, No. 1, Spring 2017 (Color edition, $20)

Tennessee and the War of 1812, Vol. 71, No. 2, Summer 2012 ($10)

Battle of Nashville, Vol. 64, No. 3, Fall 2005 ($10)

Tennessee Portrait Painting, Vol. 46, No. 4, Winter 1987 (Color edition, limited number available. No discounts. $25)

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Tennessee Historical Quarterly Staff

Frances Kolb Turnbell, PhD, Historian

Managing Editor
Ann Toplovich, Tennessee Historical Society

Cameron McDonald

Board of Editorial Advisors
Jonathan Atkins, Berry College
Richard J. M. Blackett, Vanderbilt University
Beverly Bond, University of Memphis
Carole Stanford Bucy, Volunteer State Community College
Kent Dollar, Tennessee Technological University
Daniel Feller, The University of Tennessee
John D. Fowler, Dalton State College
Kristofer Ray, University of Hull

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