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One of the best state historical journals in the United States, the Tennessee Historical Quarterly is published by the Tennessee Historical Society four times a year. This scholarly, illustrated journal features the finest articles, book reviews, and edited primary materials covering all aspects and periods of Tennessee and southern history.


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The Tennessee Historical Society has published a journal since 1896, and the Tennessee Historical Quarterly title began in 1942. 2020 marks the THQ’s 79th year of publication. The Tennessee Historical Quarterly is published with support from the Tennessee Historical Commission.


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Winter 2018 THQ Cover

Winter 2018: Camp Boxwell at the Narrows, Estes Kefauver, WDIA Memphis, & More

“Building Citizens, Having Fun: The Boy Scouts and Camp Boxwell at the Narrows of the Harpeth, 1930-1948”

By Grady Eades


“Resisting Wide Mobilization: Senator Estes Kefauver and the Korean War Ammunition Hearings of 1953”

By Zachary Matusheski


“WDIA and the Black Press: A Powerful Parnership”

By Tanya Teglo


Book Reviews

Tennessee Historical Quarterly spring cover 2018, Tennessee history, Civil War Tennessee, and Tennessee politics, culture and music.

Spring 2018: The Siege of Chattanooga, Memphis Ax Murders, Prison Privatization, & More

 Dead Animals, Starving Men, and Treacherous Anderson Road: 1863 Siege of Chattanooga
by Phillip Kemmerly


The Malevolent Gods of Hatred: Race, Representation, and the Puryear Ax Murders
by Thomas Aiello


“Because Cheaper Is Better”: 1980s Corrections Policies and Prison Privatization in Tennessee
by Andrew Ringer


Book Reviews

Summerr 2018 THQ Cover

Summer 2018: Slave Education, The Mexican War, Confederate Retreat from Fort Henry, & More

Slaves and Education: Tennessee as a Slave State Where the Instruction of Slaves Was Not Prohibited

by Junko Isono Kato


“A Place in the Hearts pf His Countrymen”: The Mexican War Experiences of William B. Campbell and William T. Haskell

By Timothy D. Johnson


Many Faces to the Routes of War: A Research Note on the Confederate Retreat from Fort Henry, February 1862

By H. G. Adams


Book Reviews

Fall 2018 THQ Cover

Fall 2018: J. Trousdale Haden, Elm Street Methodist Church, Anna Mary Bowie, & More

Discovering J. Trousdale Haden: Genteel Impressionist of Nashville

By Judith Zilczer


From Methodist Church to Architectural Firm in Nashville, Tennessee

By Kristen Baldwin Deathridge


Anna Mary Bowie, Teacher and Physician: A Biographical Research Note on Women in Medicine

By Paula Summerly and Eileen Brogan


Book Reviews

The Tennessee Historical Society publishes special issues from time to time. For more information on purchasing any of these issues, email the THS. Discounts available for purchases of 10 or more copies. Postage and sales tax extra.

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For information on submissions to the Tennessee Historical Quarterly or for information on book reviews, email the THQ editor Frances Kolb Turnbell.


Submission Guidelines


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Frances Kolb Turnbell, PhD, Historian


Managing Editor

Ann Toplovich, Tennessee Historical Society



Cameron McDonald


Board of Editorial Advisors

Jonathan Atkins, Berry College

Kevin Barksdale, Marshall University

Richard J. M. Blackett, Vanderbilt University

Beverly Bond, University of Memphis

Carole Stanford Bucy, Volunteer State Community College

Daniel Feller, The University of Tennessee

The Tennessee Historical Society presents the Walter T. Durham Award for Best Article in Tennessee History is awarded on an annual basis for the best essay published in the Tennessee Historical Quarterly The award includes a cash prize of $250.


The Walter Durham award was created in 2011 to honor a man who greatly influenced the study of Tennessee history over the last fifty years. He wrote twenty-three monographs and numerous articles on topics ranging from the frontier experience to the complexities of the Civil War to the cultural impact of horse racing in the early 20th century. Until his death earlier this year, he also served as Tennessee State Historian.


Past winners include:


2012 — Susan Abram, Western Carolina University, “‘To Keep Bright the Bonds of Friendship’: The Making of a Cherokee-American Alliance during the Creek War.”


2013 – Bruce Baker, Newcastle College (UK), “The Growth of Towns after the Civil War

and the Casualization of Black Labor, 1865-1880.”


2014 — To be announced.


2015 — To be announced


2016 – To be announced

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