The THS is a private not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of all aspects of Tennessee history. It focuses on education of adults and schoolchildren through its publications and programs such as Tennessee History Day. The THS collections are housed at the Tennessee State Library and Archives and the Tennessee State Museum, where they are available to the public.

The collections of the Tennessee Historical Society are held and managed along with those of the State of Tennessee at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 7th Ave. North, Nashville. For more information, see TSLA.

Where can I express my opinion on relocation of public markers and monuments?

The Tennessee Historical Commission, the state historic preservation agency, enforces the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act. For information, contact the Tennessee Historical Commission – see THC.

Where can I find help for preserving my house/listing it on the National Register for Historic Preservation?

The Tennessee Historical Society does not handle historic preservation matters. The state historic preservation office is the Tennessee Historical Commission. For more information, see THC National Register.

How do I get a historical marker/report a missing or damaged marker?

The state historical markers program is part of the Tennessee Historical Commission. For more information, see THC Historical Markers.

How do I donate an item to the THS?

The THS welcomes the offer of donations. If you are interested in donating something to the Tennessee Historical Society, please email us through our contact form at the bottom of this page. We will consult the staffs of the Tennessee State Library and Archives and the Tennessee State Museum about whether the item fits the collections’ needs.

Can someone appraise my…?

Historical societies, museums, and archives are prohibited from providing appraisals for items related to their collections. The THS recommends members for the International Society of Appraisers; for more information see the ISA.

Can you send me information on the state of Tennessee?

For general information on the history of Tennessee, go to The Tennessee Encyclopedia. For brochures and tourism information, go to the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development.

Where can I find a local historical society?

Up to date information on county historical societies can usually be found at the TNGenWeb Project. For genealogical research, start with the TNGenWeb Project.

How do I submit an article to the THQ?

Visit this page to find more information on submission and publication information for the THQ.

Can the THS do historical or family research for me?

The THS has a small staff and cannot undertake research for individuals. However, the Tennessee State Library and Archives has a list of suggested researchers. Call (615) 741-2764 for more information.

I have a question related to cemeteries; who should I contact?

For questions related to cemetery disturbances or removal, contact the Tennessee Division of Archaeology. For other cemetery questions, see Historic Cemeteries. On private property, it is always the landowner’s responsibility to follow the state cemetery laws.